The First Blog

What this blog is all about?

Till now, the Programming club organized many contests but there was no follow up about how to solve the questions that were asked in the contest. So thus we lost a large number of interested students.

We used to get a lot of participants from the 1st year but after some time, the spirits go low because of inadequate material available and other co- curricular activities.

And Competitive Programming is all about practice and if someone loses the precious time in the first two years, it would get tougher and tougher to master the skill sets required.

Because of this problem, we have planned to start a blog in which there would be articles which would teach right from scratch.

We would start with some very basic algorithms and then the level would be increased slowly so that we would cover all the necessary skill sets.

This blog will provide the impetus necessary for gathering the concepts needed for Competitive Programming.

What would be included in the Blog?

First we would like to start with editorials of the previously organized contests so that everyone can look at the solutions and get an idea about how to solve them.

There would be articles on some basic concepts and data structures required like Segment Trees, Tries etc. We would also have some good relevant questions on SPOJ, codechef, Codeforces, Hacker-rank , TopCoder etc which would be using the concepts discussed in the blog.

How to use this blog?

As discussed earlier , there would be regular posts which would not only involve Coding but also problem solving.

If you have any doubts then you can post your query in the comment section.

How can you contribute to the Blog?

Any one who wants to contribute to the blog can mail at . You would be made the Contributor to the blog and then u can also publish your own articles.

Also, the recruitment of the next year’s Programming Club members would be done after this semester. Those of you who will be active at this blog would be considered for the positions.

Finally we would like to say that we have been trying hard to keep the spirits of Programming alive in DA-IICT, now its your turn to contribute to the Club


Maulik Soneji

Deputy Convener

The Programming Club