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164 registrations and an amazing feedback, summarizes it all.

GSC aims at pooling up resources we have here with us and disseminate knowledge across the student community in all possible ways that would lead to overall upliftment in technical culture at DA. So, when we get to know about existing problems in understanding JAVA especially amongst the freshers we designed this two-day event where we tried to start from the basics and cover the very essence of JAVA. We had a proper team structure, eight GSCians, four speakers and four volunteers. We dispersed the volunteers across the crowd to handle the doubts locally throughout the session.

So we began the session addressing the basic questions as to what is OOPS? Why OOPS? How can I conceptualize OOPS? Once done with that, all of us coded a basic class and tried calling any one of the methods from an object created of the class to get a feel of it, all this was done under the presumption that even a beginner who has no prior knowledge of JAVA can start NOW. Even those who had done it previously but just doing it religiously without questioning the basic facts like what’s the significance of  particular keyword in a function signature were made to focus their thoughts on it a little.

Then came the syntactical part of the language where we covered concepts like access modifiers, non-access modifiers, ‘this’ keyword etc. Then we switched back to the OOPS concepts of inheritance and polymorphism. This was day one. The crowd applauded and left happily with students giving a feedback in person and a request on conducting more of such sessions. It was a day full of contentment for GSC.

The second session brought along  most of the faces from the previous day. We had on our cards topics namely constructors, abstract classes, interfaces, operator precedence, exception handling  and array list. The mob was much more motivated to learn concepts this day. People tried out examples, basic examples and got an insight into how JAVA works.

If I ask you to imagine the prevalent scenario in this CEP room while this session in going on and you imagine of one speaker uttering in a monotone being on podium and students looking towards him in a perplexed gaze, you would be completely wrong! The room was not at all static , it was dynamic, queries popping up from all across, students discussing amongst themselves on brilliant questions that come up only when a person puts in adequate amount of thought to the content. There was no formal ending of this session, people went on discussing, we remember clarifying doubts till late, after all. this entropy was all we were aiming at. And then the feedbacks that stirred us all in delight. One of the feedbacks we received online:

I felt the workshop was very good. You started from the very basics, which was the whole point. So kudos…Thanks. Looking forward to the next session.

If you have any suggestion or request for any sort of technical session, you can always drop a mail at or reach out to any of the GSC member in person. Also, for the students around who are eager to learn about JAVA, we have our resources up here, you can always refer to them and mail us your queries , we would be happy to answer!

Also, folks out there who are really interested in Android Programming and would like to network with DAIICT-ians who follow the same interest are most welcome to join the online G+ community Android Class

Lastly, thanks to the Programming Club for letting us reach all of you!


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