All about Programming Club

Hi all,

In this blog, I would cover what are the core values of the club and what are our short term targets and the culture that we want to establish at our college.

Core Idea that we practice:

Involve more and more people with Programming

To get the first thing clear, we want to create an atmosphere where more and more students are drawn towards programming right from their first year of college. We believe that if we are to be software engineers for the rest of our lives, why not start loving it from the first year. For achieving this, we want to create enthusiasm among students to start solving problems on their own.

Problems that we face:

  1. Not much people take programming seriously, but we make efforts to keep the programming spirits high with regular contests.

People normally are not participating in the programming contests regularly because of lack of time, they don’t think they are good enough or because they have had some bad experiences earlier.

To help with all these issues, we have had two types of contests:

a. Basic Questions contest for beginners: This is for those students who want to start competitive programming, so we create questions that will boost their learning and also encourage them to move forward.

b. Tough Questions to prepare for interviews: In this contest we have questions asked in popular companies and questions that require some logical thinking.

The contests that we create are for learning purposes and we always encourage people to look forward to editorials of the questions asked which are posted in the blog.

2. Female Participation

In the last year, we had five girls representatives to motivate girls to participate in the contests. The move wasn’t much effective and we are still finding some good solution to increasing female participation. It would be a good task for anyone looking forward to being a part of programming club to come up with a good idea to increase female participation in the contests.

3. We don’t have many popular events

Yes we had Interwing programming competition and we started the long programming contest, but still we lack the lime light when it comes to events. We require that there should be some events that people look forward to participate in, maybe have some hackathons or some nice event during Synapse. 

Our Goals:

1. We would like to have our own Judge on Intranet

This would really increase competition among peers and people will look forward to having a good rank at our local intranet website. The downside of this is that some people might take advantage of it if they already have solved such questions earlier or their friend has helped them, but having our contests on the intranet would really help.

2. Improve the blogs, IRC, android application

The blogs would have interview experiences from our Alumnis at DA-IICT, how to prepare for GSoC, learning some new technology, regular editorials of the contest etc.  We must think about how to really involve more people into reading these things.

3. Having contests based on some topic

Suppose if we have some contest only on “Graph Theory”, it would have questions in increasing level of difficulty and have resources for people to learn from. The main aim of any contest is to learn and this would really help as the questions would be of the same topic and in increasing level of difficulty.

4. Have people from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year involved in the club

Last year, we had 3 volunteers from 2nd year and 2 mentors from 4th year apart from the club members of the programming club. Also to increase female participation, we had 5 girls representatives.

There must be people from all the batches as it increases the overall vision of the club and helps in assigning the tasks.

Best Part about the club

The best part for me was that I got to learn a lot from my seniors. All the seniors are quite good at their programming skills and they always help you with things like interviews, exams, increasing your skills etc.

I also believe that when you explain things to other people, your concepts get clear. I guess this has what has helped me during the last two years while being a part of programming club. I feel more confident and have a pretty simple thought process developed due to regular contests and discussion about solutions.

The last thing which I really love is that when you are once a part of programming club, you stay part of programming club forever. I was part of programming club during my 3rd year but I am still involved with the club. I like flaunting the programming club t-shirt and wander wearing the hoodie.

Finally, I look forward to having more inputs from your side as to how we can improve programming club and create the programming culture at DA-IICT.

Write all the suggestions in the comments section.


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